At Variety, we believe all kids deserve a fair go. We’re raising money to help provide practical equipment so that kids who live with disability, sickness or disadvantage can be included, gain confidence and quality of life.  

$20 can contribute towards sensory equipment to help a child can sooth overly stimulated senses and avoid sensory overload.

$30 can help provide a child in need with a specially modified bicycle or trike, allowing them to enjoy the social and health benefits of going for a ride.

James' story.

When James first arrived into his grandmother Shirley’s care, he was unable to communicate. Living with Down Syndrome, autism, epilepsy and hearing impairment, he used to sit and rock back and forth on the floor. With Shirley’s patience, love and support, James is now an active, exuberant young man who loves to run and play. But there are still daily challenges, and James often gets anxious when he can’t express himself or understand changes in his routine. One activity that brings James instant relaxation, is swinging. So when it became clear that James was rapidly outgrowing his standard swing set, she turned to Variety WA. With the help of generous donors like you, James was able to receive his own custom made swing - allowing him to soar high in the sky safely for many years to come, and helping to ease some of the financial and emotional stress for Shirley.